an audiologist examining a patient's ear

Here’s what you need to know!

When your hairdryer’s burned out or your tablet’s cracked from one end to the other, it’s pretty obvious a repair or replacement is in order. But how do you know if your hearing aids need an update? Several factors may figure into whether it’s time to update your hearing instruments. Here are five potential signs you need fresh hearing technology:


1. Device Malfunctioning: You do all the recommended maintenance, but things still aren’t right: Replaced batteries drain quickly; sound is still muffled after you change wax guards. The occasional repair is one thing, but regular malfunctions mean it’s time to replace your devices.


2. Hearing Level Has Changed: Your hearing changes over time because of age, loud sounds, or other health issues. Often we can adjust your programming to meet your new needs, but sometimes your hearing changes so much that you require a different level of technology.


3. Repairs Seem Costly: With older devices, the parts are often scarce or the model is discontinued. Sometimes repairing your devices costs enough that it makes more sense to replace them with new hearing aids.


4. Technology Evolving: Devices have advanced significantly — with better filtering of background noise, rechargeability without the hassle of disposable batteries, tinnitus management, wireless streaming from smartphones and other audio sources, and even fall detection and built-in translation capabilities, depending on the device.


5. New Interests or Environments: When your lifestyle changes, your tech might need to also. Took up a sport? You’ll probably need moisture resistance. Switched from an office job to a gig outdoors? You’ll likely experience a different noise level now. Hearing your best is more critical than ever in our changing world.



If you think it might be time to update your hearing devices, please don’t wait. Contact us today to get your questions answered or to schedule a consultation and tech demo. We’re HEAR to help!