If you are diabetic, you should pay special attention to your hearing.  Diabetes increases your risk of hearing loss quite a bit!  Recent studies have found that the risk of hearing loss in diabetics is nearly twice that of people who are not diabetic.  The cause seems to be a reduction of blood flow to the inner ear, which can lead to atrophy of the nerve cells — somewhat like the nerve problems that diabetics often experience in their legs and feet.

One surprising results of the studies: this phenomenon seems to be even more pronounced in younger people with diabetes.  The risk of hearing loss in people under the age of 60 who have diabetes, is far greater than non-diabetics of a similar age.

This underscores the need for regular hearing screening for anyone who is diabetic.  There are treatment options available, and like many other health issues — early detection and treatment generally leads to better outcomes.

Talk to your primary care physician about this, and feel free to contact our office at (610) 628-1518 to schedule a simple screening.  It only takes a few minutes.  Even if your hearing seems normal, it is useful to establish a baseline so that any future changes in your hearing can be compared.