For an individual with normal hearing in one ear, and a significant loss in the other, a special type of hearing instrument may be useful. This special hearing instrument is called a “contralateral routing of signal” or a “CROS” amplification system. The CROS system utilizes a microphone that picks up sound in the non-hearing ear and carries it to the better ear. This same concept is used for a similar amplification system called “bilateral microphones with contralateral routing of signal or a “biCROS” amplification system. The difference between the two systems is that a biCROS can be used for an individual that has hearing loss in both ears, with one ear having a more significant loss than the other.

Typically, CROS amplification systems are used for individuals with single sided deafness. If you have questions about what kind of hearing instrument would best suit you and your needs, contact our office to set up a consultation with an audiologist.