Recent Interest in over-the-counter hearing instruments called “personal sound amplification products” (PSAPs) has been piqued by studies showing they may prove to be beneficial for certain cases of hearing loss.  The primary benefit of these devices is that they are relatively inexpensive.  Unlike traditional hearing instruments that are prescribed on the basis of a medical evaluation and a hearing test, PSAP’s are unregulated, non-prescription devices that merely amplify environmental sounds.  They are, in effect, reading glasses for the ears in that they magnify all sounds and do not target specific frequencies in ways that prescribed hearing instruments do.

We take the responsibility very seriously of matching every patient with the hearing instruments best suited to his or her special circumstances.  We then use sophisticated technology to achieve the most accurate, comfortable, custom fit.  In your hearing in need of a boost?  Call us to arrange a hearing evaluation and to see the astonishing hearing instruments available today!