We’re excited to announce that we now offer the REDUX drying process for hearing aids! REDUX uses vacuum drying, which decreases the air pressure in the chamber and, in turn, lowers the evaporation point of any moisture in the hearing aids. This patented process removes moisture quickly, completely, and safely for all hearing aids. This new technology also provides a measurement of the actual moisture removed during the drying process. The entire process typically takes just 15 minutes in our office for most hearing aids.

Moisture continues to be the most common reason for hearing aid malfunction. Today’s hearing instruments are more water resistant than older models, but they are not waterproof. Hearing aid performance can be affected by moisture introduced by perspiration from our skin and humidity in the air. This can impact sound quality, and in some cases may even cause the hearing aid to stop working. In tests by the manufacturer, moisture was extracted from 98 percent of hearing aids treated.
If you are an existing patient, ask any one of our staff about REDUX the next time you are in our office. If you’re not a current patient but are having problems with your hearing aids, please call our office to discuss the REDUX process and find out if it might be the solution to your needs!