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AGX5 Hearing Aids offer excellent features at a mid-level price point. AGX5 hearing aid technology was designed for individuals who lead quiet lifestyles and whose listening environments include limited background noise. Quiet lifestyles often feature activities including: one-on-one conversations, some television and radio, quiet shopping trips, and weekly church services.

More Natural Sound Quality
AGX5 hearing aid devices are based on an advanced understanding of how the human ear works. Due to these advancements, sound can be processed in smaller, more exact increments called channels. By processing sound in independent channels, AGX5 hearing aids are able to better approximate the workings of the inner ear. Your audiologist can program each of these channels to help minimize the perception of Sound Voids. Think of it as having the greater range and accuracy of a graphic equalizer, rather than a limited volume, treble or bass control.

Noise Reduction
AGX5 hearing aid devices offer our proven personalized Noise Reduction technology. This feature enables your audiologist to customize your AGX5 hearing aid technology to help minimize the perception of Sound Voids™. The Noise Reduction processor searches for the differences between background noises and speech-like sounds. It then reduces the level of many background noises to enhance your understanding of speech in noise.

Conventional Directionality
AGX5 hearing aid systems employ Conventional Directionality that combines switchable directional microphone technology with our patented personalized Noise Reduction. When combined, these two features offer an optimized hearing-in-noise experience by emphasizing sounds that are in front of you and de-emphasizing ambient noise originating from all other directions.

Reaction Technology
The foundation for exceptional hearing Reaction Technology is the basis for AGX5’s outstanding performance and flexibility. Your hearing aid system will monitor your listening environments continuously, detect and analyze changes, and adapt to new conditions within milliseconds. All this helps to ensure that you don’t miss any important communication.

Feedback Cancellation
Feedback cancellation ensures proper amplification of the sounds you want to hear without the annoyance of a whistle or squeal, which can distract you and those around you.

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